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Fertility Analysis at Cada

More knowledge offers more possibilities. The fertility analysis for women includes ultrasound, complete blood count, blood metabolism, hormone status, infection screening and an examination of all vital parameters.

The comprehensive analysis of all fertility factors provides our doctors with precise and important information for your diagnosis and your personal treatment plan.

Why should you do an analysis?

The fertility analysis is the crucial starting point to understand your situation. We recommend a comprehensive analysis of the following factors.


Difficulty becoming pregnant successfully

Contributing factors such as pre-existing conditions, stress, and age could be influencing your journey toward conception.


Save your options for the future

If now isn't the ideal time for starting a family, social freezing offers you the chance to preserve your fertility for the future.


Get clarity about your fertility

Understanding the precise causes is essential for effectively navigating your fertility journey.


Your Step-by-Step Analysis


Free Consultation

Together we will discuss your medical history and advise you in detail on the options for your fertility journey.


Fertility Check

We test your fertility with a comprehensive fertility analysis. You will receive the results within 7 days.


Results & Diagnosis

As soon as your results are available, you will receive a diagnosis and we will discuss your results together in a personal consultation.


Treatment Recommendation

As soon as you have received your diagnosis, we will create a treatment plan to support you individually in your family planning.

Our Cada laboratory offers the following tests

Comprehensive tests and analysis procedures with all relevant fertility parameters



Crucial for the diagnosis and treatment of anomalies



For assessing hormones, clotting, immunology, infections, etc.



Provides information on infections, inflammations and cytological abnormalities

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you will find the most important questions and answers about the fertility analysis for women. If your question is not answered here, please feel free to contact us directly.

How is fertility tested in women?

There are various methods for assessing female fertility. To ensure an accurate result, the combined use of several methods is crucial. This is exactly where our comprehensive fertility assessment for women comes in. By integrating a detailed medical history, precise gynecological examination, accurate swabs, extensive blood analysis and detailed hormone testing, we enable a holistic assessment. This integrated approach not only ensures accuracy, but also forms the basis for individual and targeted advice from our team of fertility experts.

How does a fertility test work?

The first step is an anamnesis. This is a free consultation in which your medical history and options for your fertility journey are discussed with a doctor. In the second step, the fertility analysis is carried out directly at Cada using the latest diagnostic methods. The analysis consists of three examination methods: ultrasound, swab and blood analysis. Among other things, these methods can determine your hormone status and hormone levels and detect possible infections and abnormalities. You will receive your detailed results directly from the Cada laboratory in your app after just 7 days. Based on the results, you will receive a diagnosis, which we will discuss with you and then create an individual treatment plan for your fertility journey.

When should women take a fertility test?

Women should consider a fertility test if they are planning a pregnancy or are struggling to conceive. Early testing is advisable, especially if you have health problems, have experienced a previous pregnancy loss or have irregular cycles. Ultimately, the choice of the ideal time is highly dependent on your individual circumstances. What is certain is that early fertility testing opens up a wider range of options for targeted and successful family planning.

How do our fertility tests differ from fertility checks from the pharmacy?

Some pharmacies offer so-called fertility tests for home use. These tests can check various aspects of fertility, such as ovulation and the AMH level which is an indicator of a woman's ovarian reserve. Unlike the fertility test at a fertility center, however, they only provide limited information and do not include professional advice. In comparison, professional comprehensive fertility tests include gynecological examinations, blood tests, medical history and individual counseling after receiving the test results. Professional tests can identify specific causes of infertility. In summary, fertility centers therefore offer a more individualized and holistic assessment of fertility compared to home testing.

How reliable is a fertility test?

A fertility test conducted at a fertility center like Cada is exceptionally reliable, offering comprehensive insights through advanced diagnostic techniques such as blood analysis, ultrasound and swabs. It assesses fertility indicators and detects potential infections or abnormalities accurately. In contrast to home tests, Cada's professional expertise ensures precise results and invaluable guidance. While these tests provide crucial information for realizing your goal of having children, it's important to note that the ultimate confirmation lies in the birth of a baby, despite the precision of fertility assessments.

What is the best way to prepare for a fertility test?

Preparing for your consultation by gathering pertinent medical records, like past examination results and your medical history, proves immensely beneficial. Documenting details about your menstrual cycles and any health worries can facilitate the medical history interview. Offering an overview of your lifestyle habits and current medications during the consultation is advisable. To mitigate stress-related factors, prioritize adequate sleep and mentally prepare for the examination. Approaching the process with a positive and open mindset not only eases the entire experience but also enhances the significance of the test results.

Can the fertility test also be carried out during menstruation?

Yes and no. Our fertility analysis involves a range of tests, each with specific timings in relation to your menstrual cycle.

Gynecological examinations like swabs are scheduled outside the menstrual period as bleeding can impact test accuracy and hinder clear views of the uterine lining and cervix during these exams. However, an ultrasound during a hormone therapy is usually performed between day 2 and 5 of your menstrual cycle (during your period).

Blood samples to evaluate hormone levels can be collected during menstruation.

It's crucial to consult your doctor to plan the necessary tests and examinations aligned with your menstrual cycle. This collaboration ensures optimal timing for accurate results and comprehensive evaluations.

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