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Our esteemed specialists and advisors bring a wealth of expertise and a strong commitment to excellence, ensuring that you consistently receive the highest standard of treatment.


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Chief Medical Officer

Dr. med. Dirk Wallmeier


As Chief Medical Officer at Cada Clinics, Dr. Wallmeier brings his profound expertise in reproductive medicine and gynaecological endocrinology to the forefront of patient care.

With personalised care, medical proficiency, and compassionate counselling, I aim to bolster hope, navigate challenges, and ultimately fulfil the dream of having a child of one's own.


Medical Lead Practice

Dr. med. Corinna Heitmann


Dr. Heitmann holds a profound commitment to women's health, viewing her role as a gynaecologist akin to that of a family doctor for women.

As a gynaecologist, I have dedicated my career to supporting women and girls in various stages of their lives. I find it rewarding to demystify complex medical processes and share my knowledge to help patients understand their own health better.


Medical Advisor

Prof. Dr. med. Gabriel Schär


Prof. Dr. Gabriel Schär has occupied several prestigious positions in both academic and hospital settings, bringing over three decades of extensive experience in Gynaecology and Obstetrics..

It is a great pleasure to support the dynamic Cada team as a medical advisor, contributing my many years of experience in the field and facilitating the integration of Cada's employees into the important healthcare network.


Head of Reproductive Medicine Laboratory

Nacho Landaburu

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With his extensive experience, Nacho has aided numerous couples in fulfilling their dreams of parenthood. Currently, he manages the fertility laboratory at Cada Clinic, shaping the future of fertility care in Switzerland.

Our work is anchored in scientific rigour, elevated by technical mastery, and always driven by the heartfelt mission to initiate new beginnings with precision, care, and compassion for our patients.


Medical Advisor

Dr. med. Michael Jemec

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Dr. Michael Jemec is a prominent figure in the Swiss assisted reproductive technology sector, boasting over 30 years of medical experience.

What makes Cada special is our awareness that each patient's story is unique. Every journey is defined by its own set of challenges and successes. With expert knowledge, empathy, and personalised support, we are dedicated to helping everyone realise their dream of having their own child.


Diagnostic Lab Lead

Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Huber

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Prof. Dr. med. Huber is a distinguished specialist in Internal and Laboratory Medicine, with a focus on Haematology, Immunology, and Clinical Chemistry.

As Lead of Cada's diagnostic lab, my goal is to ensure that every patient receives the highest standard of care through precise diagnoses and innovative solutions.

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