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Fertility Analysis for Couples

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Following your 40-minute consultation with our specialists, you will be advised to undergo a fertility analysis. Expect to receive your results within seven days, courtesy of our advanced diagnostic procedures.


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Fertility Analysis at Cada

Gaining deeper insights opens more doors. Our comprehensive fertility analysis for couples covers essential aspects including a comprehensive blood count, metabolic blood profile and hormone levels, infection screening for both partners.

Our detailed analysis of 74 biomarkers in the blood and 17 sperm parameters provides our doctors with precise and invaluable data for an accurate diagnosis. Additionally, an ultrasound examination of the female partner will be conducted by our experienced gynecologists.

Why should you do an analysis?

A fertility analysis is a foundational step in understanding your situation for several reasons.


Identifying Challenges in Achieving Pregnancy

Understand how factors like pre-existing health conditions, stress, and age may affect your journey towards conception.


Preserving Future Options

If starting a family isn't the right choice for you now, social freezing is an option to consider for preserving your fertility.


Gaining Clarity on Your Fertility

Pinpointing the exact causes is crucial for navigating your fertility journey effectively.


Step-by-Step Analysis

Step 1

Free Consultation

Together, we will review your medical history and provide bespoke advice on the choices available for your fertility plan.

Step 2

Fertility Check

Our comprehensive fertility check encompasses techniques like ultrasound, semen analysis, and diagnostic blood tests. Employing cutting-edge laboratory technology, we deliver optimal outcomes, laying the foundation for your treatment plan.

Step 3

Results & Diagnosis

Once your results are ready, we will provide a detailed diagnosis and discuss the findings with you in a personalised consultation.

Step 4

Treatment Plan

Throughout your treatment journey, a dedicated doctor will be by your side. Our interdisciplinary teams, led by renowned specialists, guarantee you receive the highest standard of care.

Our Laboratory Tests at Cada

Our Cada labs offer a broad spectrum of tests, providing our doctors with critical insights into your fertility.



Essential for diagnosing and treating anomalies

Blood Tests


Assesses hormones, clotting, immunology, infections, and more.

Semen Analysis


Evaluates sperm quality, crucial for male fertility assessments.

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Track your laboratory results and get clear interpretations of your values.


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Gain digital access to every stage of your personalised treatment.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Discover answers to the most common queries about our fertility analysis here. Should your question remain unresolved, please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly.

Can couples attend the consultation together?


Yes, we actively encourage and see great value in couples attending consultations together. This collaborative approach allows both partners to fully engage with the information, ask questions, and make decisions about fertility and family planning in a unified manner.

Why should couples have their fertility tested?


The reality is that many couples encounter difficulties in conceiving due to a variety of reasons. It is therefore wise for both partners to undergo fertility assessments. This proactive measure aids in pinpointing potential infertility causes, thereby establishing a solid foundation for creating effective treatment plans that resonate with your family planning aspirations.

Which fertility tests are available?


We offer comprehensive fertility tests for women and fertility tests for men, including:

Blood analysis: These tests can reveal hormonal imbalances, infections, immune system status, clotting disorders, and overall health conditions.

Semen analysis: For men, semen analysis assesses sperm quality, including count, motility, and morphology.

Ultrasound: Women may have an ultrasound to examine the uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes.

Swab test: In women, swab tests can detect infections or cervical irregularities.

How reliable are fertility tests?


Fertility assessments, especially semen analysis and hormone evaluations, are highly reliable. However, they require specialist interpretation to ensure accurate diagnoses and the formulation of customised treatment plans.

At what age are you at your most fertile?


Typically, the peak fertility period occurs in the early to mid-20s for women, when the likelihood of a healthy pregnancy is highest. Egg quality in women starts to decline from the age of 30. Although men can maintain good sperm quality for a longer duration, it does gradually diminish with age.

When should you test fertility?


Fertility testing is generally advised if pregnancy has not been achieved after one year of regular, unprotected intercourse. For women over 35 trying to conceive, it is recommended to consider fertility tests after just six months.

How does age affect fertility in both partners?


Age impacts fertility in both genders. Women experience a decline in egg quality and quantity, whereas men may see a decrease in sperm quality with advancing age. These changes can lower the chances of a successful pregnancy and elevate the risk of complications.

What are the signs of infertility?


Certain indicators may suggest infertility in both women and men, though they are not definitive proofs of infertility. Accurate diagnoses can only be made following a medical examination.

Potential signs of infertility in women include:

For men, possible signs include:

How does smoking and/or excessive alcohol consumption affect fertility?


Both smoking and heavy alcohol use can detrimentally impact fertility in men and women, leading to hormonal imbalances, lowered sperm count, and compromised egg quality. Quitting smoking and reducing alcohol intake can significantly enhance fertility.

Can fertility problems be caused by being overweight or underweight?


Yes, extremes in weight can affect fertility. For women, being underweight or overweight can cause menstrual irregularities and hormonal imbalances. In men, obesity can negatively affect sperm quality. Maintaining a healthy weight is often beneficial for optimal fertility.

Does taking medication affect fertility?


Yes, certain medications have the potential to impact fertility. Antibiotics, chemotherapy, hormonal medications and various other drugs might adversely affect family planning. If there's a desire to conceive and the use of specific medications is necessary, seeking medical advice is highly recommended.

Can same-sex couples also have their fertility tested?


Absolutely, same-sex couples can undergo fertility assessments. While biological factors differ, tests such as spermiograms and hormone evaluations, along with relevant reproductive technologies, can be applied to determine the fertility status of both partners.

What are the next steps after both partners have tested their fertility?


After completing the fertility assessments at Cada, we meticulously process all tests in our laboratory, usually within 7 days. The comprehensive results are then made available through the Cada app for the individual undergoing treatment. These results form the cornerstone of a detailed diagnosis, which is extensively reviewed and discussed with the attending physician.

Following a personalised consultation with the couple, our specialists utilise these findings to devise a tailored treatment plan suited to their specific needs. This in-depth discussion ensures that the treatment approach is fully aligned with the couple's desires and preferences.

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