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Fertility Analysis at Cada

More knowledge offers more possibilities. Our fertility analysis for women includes ultrasound, complete blood count, blood metabolism, hormone status and infection screening.

This comprehensive analysis of all fertility factors provides our doctors with precise and important information for your diagnosis and your personal treatment plan.

Why should you do an analysis?

A fertility analysis is a foundational step in understanding your situation for several reasons:


Identifying Challenges in Achieving Pregnancy

Understand how factors like pre-existing health conditions, stress, and age may affect your journey towards conception.


Preserving Future Options

If starting a family isn't the right choice for you now, social freezing is an option to consider for preserving your fertility.


Gaining Clarity on Your Fertility

Pinpointing the exact causes is crucial for navigating your fertility journey effectively.


Your Step-by-Step Analysis

Step 1

Free Consultation

Together, we will review your medical history and provide bespoke advice on the choices available for your fertility plan.

Step 2

Fertility Check

Our comprehensive fertility check encompasses techniques such as ultrasound, diagnostic blood and swab tests. Employing cutting-edge laboratory technology, we deliver optimal outcomes, laying the foundation for your treatment plan.

Step 3

Results & Diagnosis

Once your results are ready, we will provide a diagnosis and discuss the findings with you in a personalised consultation.

Step 4

Treatment Plan

After receiving your diagnosis, our team of dedicated professionals will develop a personalized treatment plan tailored specifically for you. This plan will support you throughout your fertility journey, ensuring you receive the highest standard of care every step of the way.

Our Laboratory Tests at Cada

Our Cada labs offer a broad spectrum of tests, providing our doctors with critical insights into your fertility.



Essential for diagnosing and treating anomalies.

Blood Tests


Assesses hormones, clotting, immunology, infections, and more.

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Track your laboratory results and get clear interpretations of your values.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Discover answers to the most frequently asked questions about our fertility analysis for women. Should you have further queries, we warmly invite you to contact us directly.

How is fertility assessed in women?


Assessing female fertility requires a multifaceted approach for precise results. Our comprehensive fertility assessment for women integrates a thorough medical history review, a detailed gynaecological examination, an extensive blood analysis, and in-depth hormone testing. This holistic approach not only ensures accuracy but also lays the groundwork for personalised and focused advice from our fertility experts.

How does a fertility test work?


The fertility testing process begins with an initial consultation, known as anamnesis. During this free consultation, one of our doctors will discuss your medical history and explore options for your fertility journey. The fertility analysis itself is carried out directly at Cada using the latest diagnostic methods. These consist of an ultrasound and blood analysis, which aid in evaluating parameters such as hormone status, levels, and identifying any possible infections or abnormalities. Within just 7 days, you'll receive your comprehensive results directly from the Cada Laboratory via our Cada App. Following this, you will discuss your diagnosis and work together with our experts to devise a bespoke treatment plan for your fertility journey.

When should women consider taking a fertility test?


Fertility testing is recommended for women who are planning to become pregnant or who have encountered difficulties in conceiving. It's particularly advisable to undergo early testing if you've had health issues, experienced previous pregnancy loss, or have irregular menstrual cycles. The optimal timing for a fertility test greatly depends on your individual situation, but early testing can significantly broaden your options for targeted and effective family planning.

How do our fertility tests compare with over-the-counter fertility checks?


While some pharmacies offer at-home fertility tests, such as ovulation tests and tests to measure AMH levels (an indicator of ovarian reserve), these tests provide limited information and lack professional consultation. In contrast, professional comprehensive fertility assessments at fertility centres such as Cada include gynaecological examinations, blood tests, a review of your medical history, and personalised counselling after the test results. We offer a more detailed diagnosis of specific fertility issues, presenting a more individualised and holistic view of fertility compared to home testing kits.

How reliable are fertility tests?


Fertility tests conducted at a fertility centre like Cada are highly reliable, utilising advanced diagnostic tools such as blood tests and ultrasounds for a comprehensive evaluation of fertility indicators and potential issues. Unlike at-home fertility tests, Cada's professional analysis ensures accuracy and offers invaluable guidance. Although fertility tests provide essential insights for achieving parenthood, it's important to remember that the most definitive proof of fertility is the successful birth of a child.

What is the best way to prepare for a fertility test?


To prepare for your fertility test, compiling relevant medical records, including previous test results and your full medical history, is incredibly helpful. Keeping a record of your menstrual cycle details and any specific health concerns will aid the medical history discussion. It's also beneficial to share information about your lifestyle, current medications, and to minimise stress factors by ensuring adequate rest and approaching the examination with a positive mindset. This preparation can significantly enhance the consultation's effectiveness and the overall testing experience.

Can the fertility test be performed during menstruation?


The ability to conduct fertility tests during menstruation depends on the type of test. While gynaecological examinations are preferably scheduled outside of menstrual periods, ultrasounds as part of hormone therapy typically occur between days 2 and 5 of your menstrual cycle, coinciding with your period. Blood tests for hormone evaluation can be performed during your menstrual cycle. Consulting with your doctor is essential to appropriately schedule each test and ensure accurate and comprehensive fertility evaluations.

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