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Fertility Analysis at Cada

More knowledge offers more possibilities. A semen analysis assesses your fertility by microscopically analyzing your sperm's ability to fertilize an egg.

The comprehensive fertility analysis includes a small blood count, blood metabolism analysis, hormone status, infection screening and an assessment of all vital parameters. With the detailed analysis of 33 biomarkers in the blood and 17 sperm parameters, our doctors receive precise and valuable information for a sound diagnosis.

Why should you do an analysis?

The fertility analysis is the crucial starting point for your family planning. We recommend a comprehensive analysis of the following factors.


Support for your fertility

Contributing factors such as pre-existing conditions, stress, and age could be influencing your journey toward fatherhood.


Save your options for the future

If now isn't the ideal time for starting a family, social freezing offers you the chance to preserve your fertility for the future.


Get clarity about your fertility

Understanding the precise causes is essential for effectively navigating your fertility journey.


Your Step-by-Step Analysis


Free Consultation

Together we will discuss your medical history and advise you in detail on the options for your fertility journey.


Fertility Check

We test your fertility with a comprehensive fertility analysis. You will receive the results within 7 days.


Results & Diagnosis

As soon as your results are available, you will receive a diagnosis and we will discuss your results together in a personal consultation.


Treatment Recommendation

As soon as you have received your diagnosis, we will create a treatment plan to support you individually in your family planning.

Our Cada labs offer the following tests

Comprehensive tests and analysis procedures with all relevant fertility parameters



For assessing hormones, clotting, immunology, infections, etc.

Semen Analysis


These values provide information on sperm quality and male fertility

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you will find the most important questions and answers about the fertility analysis for me at Cada. If your question is not answered here, please feel free to contact us directly.

Which fertility tests are available for men?

Various fertility tests are available for men, including sperm analysis and blood tests to assess hormone levels. These tests provide a comprehensive assessment of a man's fertility.

How does a semen test work?

A semen analysis, also known as a spermiogram, is a common method of assessing male fertility. Here we explain the usual procedure for a spermiogram:

1. Collection of the sample: The male collects a semen sample by masturbation in a special container. This container is then taken to the laboratory.

2. Analysis of the sperm: The sperm are then examined in detail in the Cada laboratory. This involves checking how many and how well motile sperm are present. Their shape and general vitality are also analyzed. In addition, other parameters such as volume, pH value and the presence of white blood cells in the ejaculate are evaluated. These tests provide information about the fertility and general health of the sperm.

3. Discussion of the test result: After determining a possible impaired fertility, the attending doctor will explain the test result in detail. Individual treatment options are then discussed to improve sperm quality. Another fertility test will be carried out after a certain period of time. Furthermore, adopting a healthy lifestyle is consistently advocated during these consultations to complement the treatment approach.

How is the sperm sample collected?

At Cada, private facilities are available for obtaining samples through masturbation. Patients ejaculate in designated rooms and deposit the sample directly into a sterile collection container. Clear and detailed instructions are provided to guarantee the accurate collection of the sample and its timely delivery to the Cada laboratory within the specified timeframe.

How good are sperm tests for home use?

A home test evaluates basic factors such as sperm count, volume and motility, providing an initial assessment of sperm quality. Couples can discreetly gather initial information and thus better understand their chances of pregnancy without having to rely on a comprehensive sperm sample.

Despite the convenience of a home test, the results are not as comprehensive and reliable as in a fertility center. Professional tests at the center analyze other important parameters such as genetic integrity and qualitative aspects in order to make a detailed diagnosis. The depth of the examination is crucial for a more accurate result in terms of the chances of successful fertilization and enables individual advice.

How much does a fertility test for men cost?

The cost of a fertility test for men varies between CHF 350 and CHF 1,000 and can be partially covered by health insurance. While many tests only include a spermiogram and a blood test, Cada offers a comprehensive test that includes a detailed medical consultation as well as a detailed blood analysis, a hormone test and a spermiogram.

Can an unhealthy lifestyle affect male fertility?

Yes, unhealthy lifestyle habits such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, stress and poor nutrition can have a negative impact on male fertility. Conversely, a healthy lifestyle can improve the chances of successful family planning.

When should men take a fertility test?

Men should consider a fertility test if pregnancy does not occur within a year despite regular unprotected intercourse. An earlier test is advisable if there are specific signs of fertility problems or if couples who wish to have children are considering freezing sperm for possible later use.

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